New Renault ZOE could travel 250 miles on a single charge

Could Renault’s new electric car eliminate ‘range anxiety’? 

29th September 2016
Renault launches new ZOE model (© Renault)

Renault has released the latest version of the ZOE, which it claims has the longest range of any mainstream electric car.

According to Renault, which launched the vehicle this week at the Paris Motor Show, the latest model of the car can travel just over 400km (250 miles) on a single charge, putting it on a par with the Tesla. Renault, however, says it is aiming at a completely different market – presumably those people who don’t have a spare £50,000 to splash out on a car…

When driving round towns, the ZOE still outcompetes rivals like the Nissan LEAF and BMW i3 by managing a not-too-shabby 300km (186 miles) on a charge, which is plenty good enough for the average commuter or shopper. Certainly, the impressive range is enough to eliminate any concerns of the car conking out halfway up the M1.

The smart battery, which has been developed with LG, has nearly twice the storage capacity of the one in the previous ZOE model, but is still the same size and weight.

The new Renault ZOE will launch in the UK in November, and is expected to cost around £18,000, although the car manufacturer has not yet confirmed the price. 


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