Tesla Model 3 to be unveiled on 31 March

Tesla Motors will unveil their low-cost electric car to the public at the end on March, with deliveries due in late 2017.

11th February 2016
Tesla Model 3 to be unveiled on 31 March (© Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Anybody looking to get their hands behind the wheel of a Telsa but have so far been put off by the £60k price tag received some welcome news in the latest shareholder letter by Tesla Motors – the Tesla Model 3 will shortly be zooming into view. 

In the letter, despite some fairly uninspiring financial details, company CEO Elon Musk outlines the success of the innovations they introduced in 2015, namely Autopilot (which we played with, and it’s loads of fun), the Tesla Model X with its innovative Falcon Wing doors, and the Powerwall energy-saving device.

But the real nugget of joy that got our hearts a-flutter was the news that the Tesla Model 3 is to be publically unveiled on 31 March this year, and deliveries will begin by late 2017. 

The Telsa Model 3 is the third car to be released by the company after the Model S and Model X, and Musk confirmed on Twitter that it is going to be the most affordable car yet produced by the electric car innovators, beginning at around $35k, although we’re still none the wiser as to what this translates to in GBP.

More details are expected to be revealed about the Model 3 in the coming weeks, but for now, we’ll just continue to dream about cruising down the M4 with our hand nowhere near the wheel again.

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