On this day in science history: 10 May

From the days of ancient technology to modern science - find out what happened on this day in the history of science.

10th May 2017
Betamax © SSPL/Getty Images

© SSPL/Getty Images

1975 - Betamax starts the format wars

Sony launches Betamax, the first home videocassette recorder, bringing cinema into the living room. But being the first didn’t guarantee success - after a few years JVC introduced VHS, which by 1988 dominated the market to such an extent that Sony began building their own VHS systems. Despite this, the last Betamax only rolled off the production line in March 2016.

1893 - Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

© iStock
© iStock

The US Supreme Court gives an official answer to the question plaguing farmers across the nation and rules that tomatoes are vegetable – securing for the state tax revenues for tomato imports that are due on vegetables but not fruits.

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