On this day in science history: 15 November

From the days of ancient technology to modern science - find out what happened on this day in the history of science.

15th November 2017
1961 - UN bans nuclear arms © AFP/Getty Images

© AFP/Getty Images

1961 - UN bans nuclear arms

At the height of the Cold War the UN general assembly tries to avoid the nuclear threat by introducing a ban on nuclear weapons. The treaty, in which countries without nuclear weapons were not allowed to acquire them, would require an inspection by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) and also asked that "countries who posses nuclear weapons to refrain from relinquishing control of nuclear weapons and from transmitting information necessary for their manufacture."  

Since then, China, India, Pakistan and North Korea have all developed nuclear weaponry.

2001 - Microsoft releases the Xbox video games console

Xbox © Henny Ray Abrams/AFP/Getty Images
© Henny Ray Abrams/AFP/Getty Images

In a Toys ‘R’ Us branch off Times Square, New York, Bill Gates arrives ready to launch the Xbox. The release of the Xbox was the first video console offered by an American company after the Atari Jaguar, and the first of its kind to be built like a PC, yet have all the flexibility and power of a gaming rig. Many people believed this was going to be hugely unsuccessful due to this new design and abbreviated name, from DirectX Box. However they were soon proved wrong with over 1 million Xbox consoles sold in the next three weeks and reaching 24 million sales by May 2006.

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