On this day in science history: 16 June

From the days of ancient technology to modern science - find out what happened on this day in the history of science.

16th June 2017
First helicopter prototype © Bettmann/Getty

© Bettmann/Getty

1922 - First helicopter prototype

At College Park, Maryland, Henry Berliner demonstrates the first (though disputed) helicopter prototype by combining a Nieuport 23 fighter’s fuselage and a Bentley 220hp engine. They are connected with geared shafts to two horizontal rotors mounted on a truss extending sideways from the fuselage. A third horizontal rotor at the rear enables pitch control.

1874 - Opening of the Cavendish Laboratory

© Germán Vogel/Getty
© Germán Vogel/Getty

The Cavendish Physics Laboratory (part of the University of Cambridge) is built as a teaching laboratory, a novel idea for the time. Until its construction experimental physics was conducted as individual work in private laboratories.

Listen: John Deakin describes its history and architecture of The Cavendish Laboratory

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