On this day in science history: 18 June

From the days of ancient technology to modern science - find out what happened on this day in the history of science.

18th June 2017
Sally Ride © Bettmann/Getty

Sally Ride © Bettmann/Getty

1983 - First American woman in space

Mission specialist Sally Ride becomes the first American woman to enter space aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger. Her birthday was celebrated in 2015 with a Google Doodle.

Listen: Listen to Sally Ride, new role model on Radio 4's Letter from America

2009 - Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter launched

© Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images
© Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter launches at 17:32 EDT for a one-year exploration of the Moon’s surface at a polar orbit only 31 miles from the surface. Its mission: to conduct investigations to enable a human return to the Moon.

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