On this day in science history: 23 October

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23rd October 2017
Joseph Constantine Carpue

First Instance of modern plastic surgery in England

23 October 1814

Surgeon Joseph Constantine Carpue completes the first nose-reconstruction surgery in England using skin from the patient’s forehead, adapting already existing techniques. Continuing his work he published his famous Account of Two Successful Operations for Restoring a Lost Nose from the Integument of the Forehead. Due to the use of sterile techniques, anaesthetics and antibiotics, this procedure marked the beginning of a new age of safe and effective reconstructive surgery, greatly increasing it’s popularity.

1947 - Married couple awarded Nobel Prize

Carl and Gerty Cori © Bettmann/Getty Images
© Bettmann/Getty Images

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine is awarded to Carl and Gerty Cori “for their discovery to the course of the catalytic conversion of glycogen." They also share the Prize with Bernado Alberto Houssay “for his discovery of the part played by the hormone of the anterior pituitary lobe in the metabolism of sugar”. It also marked the first awarding of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to a woman, and the third Nobel Prize awarded to a woman overall. 

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