Fall in love with music all over again

Introducing FLARES® PRO – the new wireless earphones by Flare Audio that produce sound quality so high, every recording feels live.

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3rd July 2017
Fall in love with music all over again © Flare Audio

Flare Audio has created earphones that music industry giants are raving about – and it’s easy to see – or rather hear – why. As FLARES PRO inventor Davies Roberts explains, they deliver “the purest sound with the smallest of interventions” in speaker technology. “In order to move forward, we have gone back to the very beginning to understand how sound interacts on a molecular level.”

Flare Audio

The ground-breaking key technologies found in FLARES PRO include:

  • Dual Jet sound balancing technology that controls the driver movement, which balances sound energy using pressure control jets. The design features two opposing jets on the front/rear to control the energy of frequencies, similar to how carburettor jets control fuel into an engine. By precisely drilling these jets to within a tolerance of 10 microns, Flare Audio has achieved the perfect pressure balancing over all frequencies. By doing this, painful asymmetric distortions – one of the major issues in sound – are removed.
  • Acoustic lens technology that controls the sound energy entering the jets and focuses it onto the eardrum. This technology is also extended through the use of ear tips called Audiophile EARFOAMS and Everyday EARFOAMS, which have a similar design that inhibits unwanted reflections.
  • Anti-Resonance technology, which is a combination of the first two technologies with the addition of a titanium driver shell featuring an open back bullet design. It uses a tiny internal space that ensures all particle vibrations exit uniformly through the rear acoustic lens. This reduces and even eliminates sound energy reflection at the driver, which results in music with increased levels of detail and that sounds live to the listener, without any device reverbs or audible distortion.
  • Bluetooth v4.1 with APT-X connectivity. The earphones come both wired (a 3.5mm jack cable is included) and Bluetooth-capable, with a handy switching BT module that has balanced Class A/B outputs to the FLARES PRO IEM’s left and right channels, via separate MMCX connectors. The output of the Wireless DAC is balanced, so there’s no shared common ground and crosstalk interference is removed, improving the overall sound quality. This creates a wireless sound quality that is superior to that of a traditional cable.
Fall in love with music all over again © Flare Audio

Other FLARES PRO features are: superior passive noise isolation; three types of T200-compatible FLARES EARFOAMS; Grade 5 titanium earpieces; reinforced cable stress points; a gold-plated 3.5mm jack connector and an oxygen-free copper cable.

FLARES PRO earphones are £349 and come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

To find out more and to buy, visit flareaudio.com