What it’s really like to die

Palliative medicine expert Dr Kathryn Mannix on the myths and taboos of death

26th April 2018
Science Focus Podcast: What it’s really like to die © Getty Images

This week, we tackle one of the last taboos. Death is the only certainty in life that we all share, and yet it remains something that few of us like to talk about. One person who’s hoping to change that is Dr Kathryn Mannix, an author and palliative medicine specialist whose book With the End in Mind describes her experiences of treating patients during the final weeks, days and moments of their lives.

Shortlisted for this year’s Wellcome Book Prize, Kathryn describes what it’s like to be with someone as they die, what her patients can tell us about how to live, and why – ultimately – the process of dying can be much more peaceful and gentle than we’re often led to believe. She talks to our staff writer James Lloyd.

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