How happy is your area?

The Danes might be the happiest nation, but which part of the UK can claim to have the cheeriest Brits?

5th January 2017
How happy is your area? (Getty)

In the January issue of BBC Focus magazine, we meet the Danes, who are often ranked as the happiest people on the planet, to find out their secrets to staying smiley.

But there’s good news here in the UK too. Since 2011, our happiness levels have steadily improved, along with our life satisfaction and how worthwhile we feel.

On the interactive map below, you can click through different measures of well-being in the UK, to see how your area compares to other places.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) completed the research, where individuals were asked the four questions listed below. The questions were ranked on a scale of 0-10, where 0 is ‘not at all’ and 10 is ‘completely’. Once the data had been gathered, the ONS took the averages to compile this interactive map.

– Overall, how satisfied are you with your life nowadays?

– Overall, to what extent do you feel the things you do in your life are worthwhile?

– Overall, how happy did you feel yesterday?

– Overall, how anxious did you feel yesterday?


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