Seven incredible interviews with inspiring women in science

Celebrate International Women's Day with these amazing stories from women at the forefront of science.

8th March 2018
Seven incredible interviews with inspiring women in science

Can you name a female scientist? It might sound easy enough to the learned reader, but a 2017 survey by ScienceGrrl found that only 47 per cent of people asked could name a famous scientist that is a woman.

We regularly interview some of the scientists flying the flag for women in STEM as part of the regular My Life Scientific series in BBC Focus magazine, so what better way to celebrate International Women's day by sharing their incredible stories, packed with exotic locations, amazing experiments and a surprising amount of danger. All in the day of the life of a scientist...

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Professor Tamsin Mather © David Despau
“Bandits must’ve seen our car on the crater rim; two guys with a rifle and a machete turned up” - Prof Tamsin Mather, volcanologist


Kerry Daynes © Tim McDonagh
“I worked with one serial killer, a trained butcher, who dismembered people” - Kerry Daynes, forensic psycologist


Emma Sherlock © David Despau
“Worms are hugely important, yet seem to be the most under-appreciated animal on the planet” - Emma Sherlock, curator of invertebrates at London’s Natural History Museum


Dr Zoe Williams © Sam Green
"I liked the giant cotton buds, but my favourite was Powerball where I had to tackle people" - Dr Zoe Williams, GP and ex-Gladiator


Dr Brenna Hassett © David Despau
“Indiana Jones and I have different policies on artefact acquisition. I try to avoid any sort of death trap” - Dr Brenna Hassett, archaeologist


Dr Susan Finkbeiner © Sam Green
"We lay out hundreds of fake, paper-winged butterflies to see whether they've been nibbled by birds" - Dr Susan Finkbeiner, entomologist


Dame Jane Francis © David Despau
“I love it because it’s so remote. It used to take me three days to forget about the rest of the world” - Dame Jane Francis, director of the British Antarctic Survey


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