Samantha Baines: 1 Woman, A Dwarf Planet And 2 Cox

We got a sneak peek at comedian Samantha Baines’ show for the Edinburgh Fringe – here’s what we thought of the award-winning stand-up’s new set. 

26th July 2016
Samantha Baines: 1 Woman, A Dwarf Planet And 2 Cox

Here at BBC Focus, we love a bit of culture, and even more so when there’s a dose of science and comedy thrown in too. So we were delighted when award-winning comedian Samantha Baines offered us tickets to see a preview of her Edinburgh Fringe show, 1 Woman, A Dwarf Planet And 2 Cox, down in the achingly cute Museum of Comedy in Holborn.

Samantha’s premise is that she has an enormous crush on BBC favourite Brian Cox, and has been following (re: stalking) him on social media in the hope that he will notice her. So, did it work? And did he come to one of her shows? You’ll have to go along to find out!

Also included is a fabulous (and no doubt accurate) impersonation of Isaac Newton’s mother, plenty of space facts, a healthy dash of feminism, along with chocolate, puns and dad jokes galore.

To Samantha’s credit, she throws some serious issues into her performance, such as the ways in which women still struggle to be taken seriously in science. As a woman who was discouraged from taking science at school, and is making waves in a male-dominated field, we’d say she’s more than qualified to comment. But don’t worry, there’s no soapbox included!

Here’s a taster of her suitably science-y stand up:

Catch her quick before she heads into space…

1 Woman, A Dwarf Planet and 2 Cox

60 Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ

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