Welcome to the brand new Science Focus website

The online home of BBC Focus Magazine is now much smarter, more social and super speedy – find out more…

3rd February 2016
Welcome to the brand new Science Focus website (© Magic Torch/BBC Focus Magazine)

For the last six months, the boffins behind BBC Focus Magazine have been experimenting in the lab on a brand new look - the result, as we’re confident you’ll agree, is wonderful.

But here at sciencefocus.com, we too have been working hard greasing the wheels and turning the cogs behind the website to bring you an incredible new experience. Not only have we polished the body to give the new website a clean and elegant look, we have also tuned the engine so that you can zip around like a space rocket.

You’ll find all the great content that you have come to expect from Science Focus, with everything from future technology, the search for alien life, Earth’s deadliest parasites and much, much more to keep feeding your curiosity - but now you’ll be able to see what’s trending, amazing pictures from the world of science, nature and technology, and the latest news about the world around us.

sciencefocus.com trending bar
The new sciencefocus.com trending bar

And as always, you’ll be able to read our famous Q&As, where our experts are at hand to answer any of the burning questions that you can throw their way. It is now even easier to send us your questions – just head to the Science Focus homepage or the Q&A section and you will find a form to fill. Your question will drop onto our laps in an instant, and we will get busy hunting for answers. Don’t forget that you can also send us your questions via Twitter, and if you love reading Q&As you can follow us at @sciencefocusQA.

So what are you waiting for, get stuck in to the new look sciencefocus.com and let us know what you think of both the website and the magazine on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.