Land speed record: building begins

8th March 2011

Design engineer Annie Berrisford gives her tenth insider’s view on the BLOODHOUND SCC team’s attempt to smash the land speed record – and break the 1000 mph barrier in the process. Follow the car’s progress with Annie’s exclusive monthly blog for Focus.

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It’s been a long time coming, but I’m pleased to say we have reached a real milestone in the BLOODHOUND Project.

Earlier this month we handed over the technical drawings for BLOODHOUND’s chassis to Hampson Industries Plc, so work building the car has begun! It is remarkable how this changes the feel of the project, we will start seeing parts of the real chassis coming in for assembly over the next few months. Very exciting.

We have also just taken delivery of our new team kit – supplied by ARCO who have committed to sponsoring the team uniform and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs for the project – again - very exciting. It is great to have all the team in the office wearing the same kit and looking so smart. Suddenly, things are taking shape.

Saturday was a busy day here at the BLOODHOUND Technical Centre as we had a briefing for people who have volunteered to help with our desert clearance programme.

They will be flying out to the dry lake bed of Hakskeen Pan in South Africa to help clear the stones from 24 million square meters of desert race track. 

That really is commitment and shows the lengths people will go to to help BLOODHOUND's record attempt - thank you!