Hangover-free alcohol?

4th March 2010

Hangover-free booze – the holy grail of the drinks industry – may have been discovered by researchers from South Korea.

The body uses oxygen to metabolise alcohol. The researchers at Chungnam National University found that when they infused high amounts of oxygen into a person’s alcoholic drink, their blood alcohol concentration fell to zero much faster than would normally be expected.

Unfortunately this approach wouldn’t eliminate your hangover entirely, and it’s unlikely to make much of a dent on a 10-pint binge. But, you would sober up more quickly, and reduce the length of your hangover.

One author of the study, Dr Kwang-il Kwon, wrote that widespread application of his research could help significantly help reduce alcohol-related incidents. Alcohol-related injuries currently cost the NHS £2.7 billon a year.

Highly oxygenated drinks are already available in Korea, and they’d certainly be welcome here. Who hasn’t said they would swear off alcohol after waking up on a Saturday morning with their head feeling like a pincushion?

But would there be a massive toll on our collective livers if alcoholic drinks no longer came with a penalty? We want to know what you think, let us know in the comments section below.

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