JV Chamary

JV Chamary
Science writer

JV Chamary is an award-winning journalist with a PhD in evolutionary biology. He is currently a Forbes contributor and spent several years at BBC Focus, running the features section and writing about everything from gay genes and internet memes to the science of death and origin of life. He has also contributed to Scientific American and Men's Health. His latest book is '50 Biology Ideas You Really Need to Know'. 

The Future of Food

Last year, the world population reached 7 billion. With more mouths to feed, could synthetic meat help meet the growing demand for food? JV Chamary finds out.

The Science of Online Dating

Is there a formula for calculating compatibility and finding love online? JV Chamary finds out whether meeting your perfect partner is a problem that can be solved with an algorithm

The net's next big thing

Today Google, Twitter and Facebook are among the most popular sites on the net. But what will tomorrow’s online crazes be, and what will they do? JV Chamary looks at the things that will change our use of the web…
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Gay genetics

Straight, gay or bisexual, most of us believe that we were born that way. So is sexual orientation in our DNA? JV Chamary goes in search of the gay gene