Louise Ridley

Louise Ridley

Space property: who owns it?

Technological advances mean the vast resources in space will soon be within our grasp. But who will get the rights to the resources and, as Sean Blair asks, can you even own a piece of outer space?
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How to blow up a Dalek in Doctor Who

A series of Doctor Who without the Daleks is about as inconceivable as the Empire being left out of a Star Wars film. So blowing up the Doctor’s principal antagonist is a crucial skill for a special effects artist working on the show to master.

How to save money with science

As the credit crunch squeezes every penny we earn, Luis Villazon looks to science for the best ways to save money on your food, home life, entertainment, nights out, love, transport and holidays.

UK Young Scientist of the Year

Hannah Eastwood, 18, is the UK Young Scientist of the Year - the first woman to receive the award. Her winnning project explored how chromium could be removed from drinking water, allowing tap water to be purified and reclaimed for industry.

What causes rogue waves?

Stories of rogue waves as big as 10-storey buildings appearing out of nowhere aren’t just fishy tales. But, as Andy Ridgway discovers, what causes these marine monsters remains unclear.

Tech that will change advertising

Watch this space. Advertisers are using the latest technology to nestle further into our brains and wallets and target us in ever more sophisticated ways. Louise Ridley finds out how.

No such thing as a brontosaurus

Barely a month goes by without a new fossil find that challenges our understanding of how dinosaurs lived. Dan Cossins discovers that everyone's favourite brontosaurus may have just been a cultural myth...