Stuart Clark

Stuart Clark
Astronomy journalist

As an astronomy journalist, Stuart Clark is devoted to presenting the complex world of astronomy to the general public. As well as holding a first class honours degree and a PhD in astrophysics, he is also a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and a former Vice Chair of the Association of British Science Writers.

Space wars: the new arms race above our heads

Forget the traditional battlegrounds of land, sea and air. Rapid developments in technology and our reliance on satellites for everything from communication to navigation are pushing conflicts into a new arena: outer space.

So long Juno, and thanks for all the pics

This July, Juno ends its two-year mission to study and photograph Jupiter. We look back over some of the incredible images that have transformed our understanding of the Solar System’s biggest planet

Mission into the Sun

We’ve visited Pluto and the outer reaches of the Solar System, and our rovers are trundling over the surface of Mars. Yet the Sun has remained stubbornly out of reach… until now.

Interview: Tim Peake - Down to Earth

A year ago, Major Tim Peake blasted off to spend half a year aboard the International Space Station. Now, six months after his return to Earth, he chats to us about his experiences in space.

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Can we survive a solar storm?

If just one solar storm hit Earth it would wreck life as we know it. Our electricity supply and communications network would be destroyed, returning civilisation to the 18th century. Stuart Clark asks is there any way we can protect ourselves?