Inventive code and tech opportunities for kids and teens (ages 9-17) to get stuck into

this summer, creating their own games, gadgets, robots and apps. Fire Tech Camp will

be coming cities across the UK, including London, Manchester, Bristol, Reading and

Cambridge. Inspire your child to MAKE their future. Visit the website to find out more

and book your childs place.

Aberystwyth University - Department of History & Welsh History

From the ancient world to contemporary America, from the samurai of Japan to the monks of medieval Wales, from Victorian scientists to twentieth-century dictators, the Department of History and Welsh History at Aberystwyth will introduce you to cultures from across the globe and throughout time.  In our own historic location, with a staff of leading historians, and a commitment to research-based teaching and small group classes, we will take you on a path of discovery that stimulates your passion for the past, but that also prepares you for the future.

Planet Earth Education is one of Britain's leading providers of Astronomy Education for over Twenty Five Years

All our courses are run by highly qualified staff, with over twenty years experience in teaching by correspondence. Each course enjoys an excellent reputation. Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences and throughout the ages mankind has had a fascination for observing the night sky and recording the movements of the Heavens. Living in the Space Age, we are fortunate to be of the generation which pioneers the exploration of the environment beyond our own planet Earth. If you are interested in studying Astronomy, please contact:

Wristy Business

Emporio Armani AR5905 Watch

This fashionable men's Emporio Armani AR5905 watch in black and gold, set around a multi dial clock face with date function and chronograph is the perfect addition to every outfit. The bracelet fastens with a push button clasp to keep the watch attached no matter the activity.

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

5 - 10 JULY 2016
With 22 fascinating interactive exhibits you can discover the science changing our world. Come along and meet scientists from across the UK and discuss their exciting research, right at the forefront of scientific innovation. From galaxies, volcanoes and killer fungus to man-made diamonds, stem cells and surgical robots, you can explore cutting edge research from across the sciences. The Summer Science Exhibition is suitable for all ages and also features a host of free talks, debates and family activities throughout the week.


Providing an opportunity to study at Oxford from anywhere in the world, the University’s Department for Continuing Education is running ten-week tutor-led online courses, with multiple intakes throughout the year. Over 90 courses are available in 20 subject areas including Archaeology, Environment and Sustainability, Health Sciences, Mathematics,  Physical Sciences and others.

Mobile Solar Chargers

The Aqua Trek + waterproof camping phone charger, is twice the size, capacity and weight of the standard Aqua Trek.  Once charged will retain its capacity for months, ready for when needed, as part of a survival kit or a reassuring back up charger for boats, festivals and camping. We have also left one in the water for 1 month, flashing an SOS, it still works. Our Aqua Trek Power Banks have been up Kilimanjaro, Everest base, across the Atlantic and supplied to the military.

Galaxy on Glass

‘Galaxy on Glass’ is a range of beautiful and unique photographic wall art from the acclaimed astro photographer Chris Baker.

Chris has an observatory high in the mountains of Spain where he captures the wondrous objects of deep space.

Science, technology, creativity and artisan workmanship combine to bring you the beauty of the Universe; as art.

Harrison Telescopes

We are a UK registered family business specialising in astronomical Telescopes, Binoculars and related Accessories. We are proud to be authorised UK dealers for all of the brands we sell. With many years experience in the industry we are confident that we offer the finest range of carefully selected goods from the leading brands. Our SSL secured website features useful and accurate descriptions of our full range to help you choose and we are always available to offer advice and answer questions over the phone.