Wristy Business - Emporio Armani AR5905 Watch

Emporio Armani AR5905 Watch

This fashionable men's Emporio Armani AR5905 watch in black and gold, set around a multi dial clock face with date function and chronograph is the perfect addition to every outfit. The bracelet fastens with a push button clasp to keep the watch attached no matter the activity.

Wristy Business - Emporio Armani AR2448 Watch

Emporio Armani AR2448 Watch

The Emporio Armani AR2448 features date window function and a stopwatch. This timepiece has been crafted from Stainless steel giving it a timeless look and durable functionality. The blue watch face features silver baton time markers and the watch is powered by the reliable Japanese quartz movement inside.

Arthur Swallow Fairs 2016

Antiques & Home Show - Lincolnshire Showground -  April 4th - 5th / May 30th - 31st / August 15th - 16th / October 10th - 11th / November 28th - 29th

Decorative Home & Salvage Show - May 13th - 15th Ripley Castle / June 10th - 12th Cheshire Showground / July 15th - 17th Loseley Park / August 5th - 7th Cheshire Showground / September 9th - 11th

Donington Antiques Market - April 18th / May 9th / June 27th / July 25th / September 19th / October 24th


International speakers and innovative ideas in an island setting. Tidal power, exploring the

Solar System, gravitational waves, the mathematics of the Neolithic, the sultan and the

stars, Dirac and his equation, Hamilton and Dublin’s river, the cathedral builders, 3D

printing, dolphin communication, pulsars and porridge-making, Shackleton’s journey,

the days of the herring, probing the permafrost. Plus outings, concerts, food and drink.


Explore the livelier side of science at the free Imperial Festival. Open to all over an entire

weekend, this festival brings you ground-breaking research, music and art, talks,

dance and comedy. Drop in to chat with over 500 scientists, immerse yourself in

interactive science demonstrations, take part in experiments and peek behind the

curtains at this top university’s most exciting research facilities.


Providing an opportunity to study at Oxford from anywhere in the world, the University’s Department for Continuing Education is running ten-week tutor-led online courses, with multiple intakes throughout the year. Over 90 courses are available in 20 subject areas including Archaeology, Environment and Sustainability, Health Sciences, Mathematics,  Physical Sciences and others.

365 Astronomy

The Fotomate VT-990-222R is an outstanding professional standard tripod for video cameras & DSLR’s, as well as for spotting scopes, small telescopes and most large observation binoculars.

Features a huge maximum payload capacity of 20kg and an impressive maximum height of 200cm.  

This tripod does not feature a geared centre column so the tripod offers greater rigidity and stability, and lends itself to carrying heavier equipment.

The superb included super heavy-duty 2-Way tripod head, is extremely robust and well-engineered.

Mobile Solar Chargers

The Aqua Trek + waterproof camping phone charger, is twice the size, capacity and weight of the standard Aqua Trek.  Once charged will retain its capacity for months, ready for when needed, as part of a survival kit or a reassuring back up charger for boats, festivals and camping. We have also left one in the water for 1 month, flashing an SOS, it still works. Our Aqua Trek Power Banks have been up Kilimanjaro, Everest base, across the Atlantic and supplied to the military.

Scottish Fisheries Museum

Situated in a wonderful collection of historic buildings on the harbour of a small and beautiful fishing port, we are a charitable trust which has become a national institution with an international reputation.

Check out our exhibitions, events and news pages for the latest on ‘What’s On’ at the museum. we are proud to welcome all of our visitors, young and old, to an experience that will be both highly entertaining and informative.