Create a myth

Wednesday 25th November 2009
Submitted by Rhiannon Buck
Science competitionMen think about sex every seven seconds, eating at night makes you fat, rattlesnakes rattle before they attack – all complete nonsense. They’re myths that have been passed around for years and yet they are completely untrue. 

All myths have to start somewhere and we’d like you to get creative and dream up your own. It could be about anything – the human body, computers, cars, zebras – anything. 

Focus editor Jheni Osman will then pick out the authors of the 10 best myths to receive a copy of Don’t Swallow Your Gum and Other Medical Myths Debunked by Dr Aaron Carroll and Dr Rachel Vreeman. Some of your ideas will also appear in the March edition of Focus where we’ll be busting some pretty big myths. Please post your myth no later than 5pm on December 9.

Click here to send us your myth

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