The Future

Introducing the world's first solar-powered battery

A battery that runs on sunshine and fresh air sounds like something from a utopian novel, along with fusion-powered hover cars and cancer-curing breakfast cereals. But that is exactly what scientists at The Ohio State University have just invented: a solar cell that stores its own power.

Smart tattoo harvests energy from your sweat

Sweating is often the sign of a good workout, but in the future it may also be a sign that your phone is charging. Scientists from the University of California have developed a temporary tattoo that generates energy as you exercise.

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Flying solo: the jetpack has arrived!

From Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machines to the jetpack at the LA Olympics, we’ve always dreamed of flying like a bird. Now, writes Sedeer El-Showk, there’s a new breed of solo flying machines ready to take off.

Preview: Meta Spaceglasses

Google Glass may be grabbing all the headlines, but it’s not the only form of wearable technology on the way. Take Meta, for instance, a futuristic-looking headset that will offer a ‘mediated reality’ experience when it launches early next year.

How to rebuild your body with 3D-printed parts

3D printers can do more than just print metals and plastics: soon they’ll save lives too. As the 3D Printshow 2013 prepares to come to London, here’s our round-up of the cutting-edge ways in which biological printers are reshaping medicine.

Words: Sedeer El-Showk