10 experiments

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28th June 2012

The 10 experiments that will shape the future

We reveal the ground-breaking research projects that will revolutionise science

The world's deadliest volcanoes

If any of these erupt, it's time to start worrying...

Social networks of the future

Facebook is part of life, but how will social networking evolve over the next decade?

One giant leap

The daredevil who'll be jumping from 120,000 feet this summer (with a parachute)

Risky business

Did biology cause the financial meltdown?

10 facts about skin

On the 50th anniversary of the Sun Protection Factor, we get under your skin


Games: The Secret World and other new releases
Q&A: On a desert island, would it be better to drink wine or go thirsty? 
MegaPixel: Astounding images from across the globe

The Guide: Engineering Giants 

Update: Viruses to power your phone

Exclusive to the iPad issue of Focus this month…

  • Hear Professor Iain Stewart talk about his love of geology
  • Watch how the SKYLON spacecraft will fly
  • Take a look at some extra MegaPixel photographs

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