Beyond Usain Bolt

On sale date:
26th July 2012

Beyond Usain Bolt

Why the human machine is capable of so much more

Dark matter

The experiment that could solve one of science's greatest mysteries

Organ factories

The medical labs that grow human body parts

The Higgs boson

What next?

The chemistry of cooking

Getting a taste for molecular gastronomy

Ground control

NASA's brand new rover and its doppelganger here on Earth


Games: Fable: The Journey and other new releases
Tried & Tested: Electric bikes 
Q&A: Why do parrots live so long? 
MegaPixel: Astounding images from across the globe

The Guide: The Life Scientific with Jim Al-Khalili 

Update: The gigapixel camera

Exclusive to the iPad issue of Focus this month…

  • Ben Miller talks about his love of science
  • Meet the strangest ants on the planet
  • A CERN scientist explains the Higgs discovery and its implications

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