How to make anything invisible

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17th November 2011

 How to make anything invisible: Are scientists genuinely close to creating a real cloak of invisibility? PLUS Robin Ince’s science lessons, 3D Printing, what your hands say about you, mind-altering bugs and more

How to turn invisible

Are scientists genuinely close to creating a real cloak of invisibility?

Planet Rock

The space missions offering new insights into the evolution of our solar system

What your hands say about you

The medical conditions and personality traits revealed in your palms and digits

3D printing

The technological revolution taking printing into a new dimension

What lies beneath?

The project that's drilling four kilometres under the Antarctic ice

Mind-altering bugs

The parasite that could be in your body and affecting how you behave


Games: Gears Of War 3 and Grand Prix Story
Q&A: What's the point of goose pimples?
MegaPixel: The world's most extreme test centres

What’s On: The Robot Festival and more

Update: Hiding secret codes in bacteria

Exclusive to the iPad issue of Focus this month…

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•    Extra megapixel images of some of the most sophisticated vehicle testing labs in the world
•    Video: explaining the discovery of a 100,000 year old paint factory – the oldest ever found
•    Hear: an interview with a renowned expert on the mind-altering parasite Toxoplasma gondii
•    See: 360 degree views of the tablet computers in our Tried and Tested section
•    Watch: trailers for some of the latest video games

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