Wonders of the Universe

On sale date:
10th March 2011

Professor Brian Cox interview: he reveals the highs and lows of filming Wonders of the Universe

PLUS the Universe’s 50 biggest questions answered including:

- Are we really made from stardust?

- How do we know the Universe is infinite and not just really big?

- Can anything survive on a meteorite?


Are we still evolving?

Horizon’s Dr Alice Roberts asks if humans are ‘frozen in time’ – have our cultural and technological advances buffered us from natural selection?

Nintendo 3DS

3D without glasses: does it really work?

Rare earth metals

Ever heard of europium? Or terbium? These vital 'rare earth elements' are inside your TV and laptop – and they could be in danger of running out

As luck would have it

Casinos make millions out of our misunderstanding of randomness, but mathematicians who master it can create life-saving drugs, simulate the future or plan the perfect F1 pit stop


Will flying cars become a reality?
Why are flamingos pink?
Could two people who aren’t twins have the same DNA?


The tech behind Libya and Egypt’s revolts
Beat the hackers with the Focus cyber-security guide
The perfect way to pour a pint
Tried and tested: Budget smartphones