Past Issues

Dawn of the GM baby

In the January 2016 edition of BBC Focus Magazine: drone racing, the fallout from Dieselgate, a preview of the year 2016 in science and technology, and will we be able to beat disease before we are born?

2015: The best ever year for science?

In the Christmas 2015 edition of BBC Focus Magazine: the lands that man forgot, the science behind earworms, we interview British astronaut Tim Peak, and was 2015 the best ever year for science?

Relativity on trial

In the December 2015 edition of BBC Focus Magazine: Einstein's Theory of Relativity on trial, the end of work, biohacking, and the invasion of the lionfish.

Can we beat mass extinction?

In October 2015 edition of BBC Focus magazine: how we can beat mass extinction, an exclusive interview with Richard Dawkins, 10 surprising facts your face reveals about you, and how music can help heal the injured brain.

39 ideas about to change our world

In this month's BBC Focus magazine: 39 ideas about to change our world, Michael Mosley on high street genetic tests, DNA in 10 minutes, the return of the BBC Micro, and the science of soggy bottoms.

70 Years After Hiroshima

In this month’s Focus: 70 years since Hiroshima, the Universe's biggest mysteries, the future of flight, quantum physics in 10 minutes, and the scientific verdict on e-cigarettes.

Countdown to Pluto

In this month’s Focus: New Horizons reaches Pluto, time travel paradoxes explained, how memories pass between generations, all you need to know about dark matter, and the incredible solar-powered plane.

We Can Build Jurassic World

In this month’s Focus: how we'll build Jurassic World, the robotic race to the Moon, the hidden fortune in our sewers, this summer's must-have gadgets, and where are all the habitable planets?

Free Will: The Greatest Illusion?

In this month’s Focus: the truth about free will, how to stop a bullet, microbes in the home, the secret world beneath your feet, and the cars that will change the world.