Past Issues

Countdown to Pluto

In this month’s Focus: New Horizons reaches Pluto, time travel paradoxes explained, how memories pass between generations, all you need to know about dark matter, and the incredible solar-powered plane.

We Can Build Jurassic World

In this month’s Focus: how we'll build Jurassic World, the robotic race to the Moon, the hidden fortune in our sewers, this summer's must-have gadgets, and where are all the habitable planets?

Free Will: The Greatest Illusion?

In this month’s Focus: the truth about free will, how to stop a bullet, microbes in the home, the secret world beneath your feet, and the cars that will change the world.

Deadly Mega Eruption

In this month’s Focus: 200 years since the Tambora mega eruption, Hubble's top 10 discoveries, meet the first digital life form, high-res audio devices tested, and can we make a real tricorder?

The Universe Next Door

In this month’s Focus: the Universe next door where time runs backwards, the Large Hadron Collider restarts, the growing problem of plastic in our oceans, NASA's mission to a dwarf planet, and do any alternative medicines actually work?

How Bacteria Change Your Mood

In this month’s Focus: how bacteria change your mood, Britain's most dangerous roads, NASA's new spacecraft, dating tips from the animal world, and smartwatches on test.

One Way To Mars

In this month’s Focus: how to plan a one-way trip to Mars, driverless cars on the roads, how to beat the floods, tomorrow’s world in pictures, and could drinking water make you happy?

Climate Change: Problem Solved

In this month’s Focus: the big ideas that will save our planet, the scientific truth about diets, how to beat the New Year sales, the 50 essential apps for 2015, and nature's 10 strangest phenomena.

Mission To The Centre Of The Earth

In this month’s Focus: journey to the centre of the Earth, the world's worst smells, the science of SAD, mystery messages from space, and tablets on test.

How To Travel Faster Than Light

In this month’s Focus: how to travel faster than light, why your cat is wilder than you think, dinosaur feathers explained, and are screens bad for you?