Past Issues

Your Life in 2054

In this month’s Focus: how you'll live in 2054, why stress is good for you, the balloon that'll take you into space, and the latest electric cars reviewed

Take Control of Your Dreams

In this month’s Focus: how to control your dreams, the comet-chasing spacecraft, animal supersenses, and the search for new antibiotics

Who is the Greatest Genius?

In this month’s Focus, in search of the greatest genius, the science of summer movies, finding a cure for headaches, and the cameras of the future revealed

Welcome to the Multiverse

In this month’s Focus, why our Universe is just one of many, the truth about Stonehenge, inside the minds of dogs, and the mysteries of lightning revealed.

Recreating the Sun on Earth

In this month’s Focus, inside the labs on the brink of limitless energy, Hawking's new black hole theory, the truth behind Noah's Ark, and what's causing our wild weather?

Memory Issue

In this month’s Focus, how science can help you manipulate your memory, the material that will change the world, how to solve a problem like space junk, and Ford's self-parking car put to the test

Robots Like Us

In this month’s Focus, the new generation of faster, smarter and more emotional robots, one million years of humans in Britain, the science of winter sports, and 10 human parasites you really don't want to meet!

In Search of the Shadow Universe

In this month’s Focus, why a shadow universe of dark matter could exist right under our noses, how to beat the lurgy, the scientists preparing for life on Mars, and how smart are dolphins?