Past Issues

The Future of Us

In this month’s Focus, how humans will evolve, Britain's alien quest, the supersonic future of trains, and what happens when the body attacks the brain.

The Universe: The Story So Far

In this month’s Focus, the history of the Universe so far, synthetic biology breakthroughs that will change the world, how to survive a space disaster, and flying drones tested.

How Sleep Can Make You Smarter

In this month’s Focus, the amazing science of how you learn when you're not even awake PLUS the strange science of cats, the resurrection of Egypt's submerged city, how to build a planet, and the intelligent football that teaches you how to kick.

The Incredible Truth About Time

In this month’s Focus, find out about the radical theory of time that reveals what makes our Universe tick PLUS how to beat stress the scientific way, the revolutionary Oculus Rift headset on test, inside the greenhouse that's growing the food of tomorrow, and Hilary Jones explores 24 hours in the life of the human body.

Summer Q&A special

This month’s Focus is a summer Q&A spectacular. We find out what summer weather will be like in the future, whether sunshine is good for you, and what's the best way to keep cool. PLUS the Bible explained by science, how to win the Tour de France, and we pit the latest cameras against the iPhone 5.

10 Wonder Materials

In this month’s Focus, read about the 10 wonder materials that are set to change the world PLUS the scientific secrets of happiness, the underground future of urban living, the science of e-cigarettes, and we put smartwatches to the test.

Black Hole Feeding Frenzy

In this month’s Focus, read about the giant dust cloud that's about to be swallowed by the black hole at the centre of our galaxy. What will happen next? PLUS how to win friends and influence people on Facebook, the future of food, the new brain map that shows how you think, and Alice Roberts unearths the biggest Ice Age monsters.

The Science of Zombies

In this month’s Focus, read about the surprising science behind zombies and four other terrifying monsters. PLUS the research that’s making mind control a reality, how scientists are unlocking the secrets of aurorae, the megatsunami that could swamp Britain, and we put fitness gadgets to the test.