Past Issues

Upload Your Brain

In this month’s Focus, we look at the science that'll allow us to upload our thoughts and memories to the internet. PLUS the resurrection of Troy, fifty years of chaos theory, gardening in space, augmented reality specs, and much more

The Universe is a Hologram

In this month’s Focus, we look at the experiment that'll reveal whether the Universe is a hologram. PLUS unlocking the secrets of Pompeii, Richard Feynman's incredible legacy, the end of flu, gadgets that will automate your home, and much more

Wonders of Life

In this month’s Focus, we look at the amazing story of how our senses evolved, as told in Brian Cox's new BBC series Wonders of Life. PLUS the untold story of how dinosaurs conquered the world, the robot that could save your life, why we're hardwired to make mistakes, and much more.

Breakthroughs of 2013

In this month’s Focus, top experts predict the biggest breakthroughs of 2013. PLUS how to photograph a black hole, the equation that will save the world, computer tablets on test, and much more.

The Quantum Revolution

In this month’s Focus, we look at how the quantum revolution is transforming technology. PLUS how to survive the apocalypse, the science of beauty, future cars, and much more.

Discovering Lost Worlds

In this month’s Focus, we unlock the ancient secrets of Britain's submerged landscape. PLUS the ultimate spy, the science of hallucinations, Dara O Briain, and much more.

The Search for Earth's Twin

In this month’s new-look Focus, find out how we'll discover another world just like ours. PLUS the robots that mimic animals, the world's first home 3D printer, Sir David Attenborough, and much more.

The Secrets of Human Evolution

In this month’s Focus, we reveal the anatomical secrets of our ancient ancestors. PLUS inside a lightning laboratory, the science of memory, floating cities, and much more.

Beyond Usain Bolt

In this month’s Focus, we explore the limits of sporting performance. PLUS the search for dark matter, the chemistry of cooking, beyond the Higgs boson, and much more.

10 experiments

In this month’s Focus, we reveal the 10 experiments that could change the world forever. PLUS deadly volcanoes, the future of social networking, one man's death-defying freefall, and much more.