Past Issues

How to Build a Brain

In this month’s Focus, we look at the body's most complex organ – is it possible to build an artificial brain? PLUS Alan Turing, multiple universes, the secrets of bird flight, and much more.

The Origin of Life

In this month’s Focus, we tackle the origin of life – where did it come from, and how did it evolve? PLUS building a starship, the future of football, the science of dogs, and much more.

Unravelling the Fabric of the Universe

In this month’s Focus, how really, really small stuff can help us answer the Universe’s biggest mysteries PLUS Intelligent animals, the science of perfume, the next generation of smartphones and more

The science of deduction

In this month’s Focus, the cutting-edge methods that will solve Sherlock’s biggest mysteries PLUS Simulating alien worlds, revealing the secrets of conscious thought, exploring the Great Barrier Reef and more

How to make anything invisible

 How to make anything invisible: Are scientists genuinely close to creating a real cloak of invisibility? PLUS Robin Ince’s science lessons, 3D Printing, what your hands say about you, mind-altering bugs and more

Graphene: the next miracle material

Graphene: the next miracle material: 200 times stronger than steel, one atom thick, incredible conductor of electricity and it came from a pencil PLUS Man's ancient ancestor, Brian Cox explains quantum theory, Mars: a special report and more

Unlocking the secrets of antimatter

Discovering antimatter: How to make, use and keep the atoms that will tell us why we exist PLUS The science of horror movies, mapping the brain and Jim Al-Khalili's science heroes

10 ideas that will change the world

The planet's brightest thinkers reveal the wonders of tomorrow. PLUS Planet Dinosaur, the greenest place on Earth, the evolution of language and how safe is your mobile phone?

Secrets of Earth's Core

The centre of the Earth: what it’s made of, how it works and why you need to know. PLUS The science of laughter, 25 years of Pixar and wandering planets

The Future of...

Work, rest and play in 2050: ocean-floor hotels, day trips to space, immersive gaming and Dr Michio Kaku's tour of the office of the future. PLUS The future of sport, cinemas and cars