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BBC Focus Magazine #298 - September 2016 © Getty
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18th August 2016

Is city living bad for our mental health?

Evidence is mounting that urban lifestyles are damaging our mental health. What’s at the root of this effect, and what can we do about it?

Are you a genetic superhero?

A recent study identified a tiny group of people who are resistant to inherited diseases. These ‘genetic superheroes’ could provide life-saving treatments, but there’s one problem – we don’t know who they are. Could you be one of them?

Tomorrow’s food - the age of artificial meat

Three years ago, the first lab-grown burger was served up. It cost $325,000 to make. Today, that price is coming down. We look at the race to create the first artificial meat factory.

Extreme science jobs

Science isn’t just about sitting in a lab all day. We meet the researchers with the world’s most perilous professions, including a crocodile psychologist and a faecal transplant technician.