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BBC Focus Magazine #299 - October 2016 © Getty
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15th September 2016

The next giant leap for mankind

From antimatter rockets to faster-than-light warp drives, a plethora of new technologies promise to take us beyond our Solar System. We find out how they work, and ask where we should go.

Do we need our zoos?

Some say that zoos are valuable and educational; other people claim that they’re cruel and should be closed. We weigh up the evidence, looking at the problems that animals in captivity face, and how we might improve their lives.

How will our universe end?

Will our Universe expire with a bang or a whimper? Will it be a Big Rip or a Big Freeze? Read our all-you-need-to-know guide to the end of the cosmos.

The life that feeds on electricity

In deep-sea vents, old gold mines and ocean sediments lie a peculiar group of microbes that can survive on electricity alone. What could these bacteria tell us about how life began on early Earth?