Watch Tim Peake's spacewalk LIVE on Science Focus

Tim Peake makes history today as he becomes the first astronaut as part Britain's space programme to walk in space - watch it live!

15th January 2016
Tim Peake (© ESA)

Tune in from 11:30 GMT and watch as Britain's first astronaut aboard the International Space Station, Tim Peake, takes his virgin voyage beyond the Quest airlock and performs his first spacewalk. Technically known as an Extravehicular Activity (EVA), Tim will be joined by fellow astronaut, American Tim Kopra (who will be wearing the space suit with red stripes), in a maintenance mission to fix a Sequential Shunt Unit, a broken voltage regulator to everyone else.

Although Peake is not the first Briton to walk in space - that was Michael Foale back in 1999 when he was part of the team fixing the Hubble Space Telescope - he is the first as part of the official British space programme (Foale was by then an American national flying under the NASA flag).

Good luck Tim, from all of us here at Science Focus!

Update: Tim Peake's first spacewalk was cut short after four hours and 43 minutes after water was found in the helmet of fellow astronaut Tim Kopra's space suit. Despite this, the mission was considered a success as the main objective of fixing the damages SSU was completed. You can watch the highlights below.