What’s on (2 – 8 March 2013)

1st March 2013

This week's guide to science on the telly and radio…

Sun 3 March

The Truth About Meteors: A Horizon Special
BBC Two, 9.00-10.00pm

Meteors are a hot topic at the moment, with a space rock recently ripping through the atmosphere and exploding over Russia’s Ural Mountains. This Horizon special delves into the science of meteors, explaining what meteors are, where they come from, and how likely we are to experience a full-on impact in the future.

Mon 4 March

Bang Goes the Theory
BBC One, 7.30-8.00pm

The popular show returns for another series of its inimitable look at the science behind the headlines. TV science veteran Maggie Philbin joins Liz Bonnin and Jem Stansfield to perform the experiments that they never let you try out at school.

Image credit: BBC/Ian Derry


Tues 5 March

Who's the Pest?
BBC Radio 4, 11.00-11.30am

Making up 80% of the species on planet Earth, insects are the undeniable rulers of the animal kingdom. Entomologist Erica McAlister takes us on a tour of their six-legged world. We may often treat them as pests, but it turns out that insects are a lot more remarkable than we give them credit for.   

Costing the Earth
BBC Radio 4, 3.30-4.00pm

Following on from last week’s look at Africa’s geothermal energy, Tom Heap explores whether solar power could help lift the continent out of poverty. The solution may lie in a small solar lamp, which could eventually replace Africa’s multitude of kerosene lamps.

Thurs 7 March

Material World
BBC Radio 4, 4.30-5.00pm

Quentin Cooper explores the latest scientific developments and topical issues.

Image credit: BBC


Fri 8 March

Wild Arabia
BBC Two, 9.00-10.00pm

This final episode reveals how technology is being used to transform and protect the Arabian Peninsula’s exotic wildlife. Expect to see falcons hunting down radio-controlled planes and a surreal camel race in which the jockeys are actually robots.

Image credit: BBC NHU/Fredi Devas