Science & Technology

So long Juno, and thanks for all the pics

This July, Juno ends its two-year mission to study and photograph Jupiter. We look back over some of the incredible images that have transformed our understanding of the Solar System’s biggest planet

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Watching the climate change

Mark C. Serreze gives his personal account of what it was like in the early days of studying the Arctic climate and how scientific opinions, including his own, have changed.

The science of pay transparency

In the UK, women are paid around 10 per cent less than men, on average. One solution might be total pay transparency. Can it fix the problem and are we ready to talk about how much we earn?

When the chips are down

For the last few decades, we’ve been enjoying faster and faster computer speeds, but we’ve now squeezed as much as we can from silicon chips. We take a look at the tech that could take their place…