The brain

The brain is the organ that makes us human and the most complex organ in an organism. This mind-boggling structure is located at the centre of the nervous system and contains billions of neurons that can simultaneously process information from around the body. The brain is found in all vertebrates and most invertebrates, and is located in the head, usually closest to the sensory organs such as vision.

Can we end animal testing?

We find out whether innovative techniques using stem cells, computer modelling and 3D-printing could reduce the number of animals used in medical research.

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Why we still don’t understand sleep, and why it matters

For the first 20 years of his life, Henry Nicholls had a healthy relationship with sleep. Shortly after his 21st birthday, he began to experience symptoms of narcolepsy, a debilitating disorder that’s plagued him ever since. Sleep research is progressing, so why are he and others like him still waiting for a cure?