The brain

The brain is the organ that makes us human and the most complex organ in an organism. This mind-boggling structure is located at the centre of the nervous system and contains billions of neurons that can simultaneously process information from around the body. The brain is found in all vertebrates and most invertebrates, and is located in the head, usually closest to the sensory organs such as vision.

Inside the mind of a dinosaur

Rather than being slow, lumbering and a bit stupid, dinosaurs were smart and nimble-brained – just ask the palaeontologists who are peering deep inside the fossilised skulls of these prehistoric animals.

How emotions trick your brain

What if happiness doesn’t really exist? New research is uncovering that the way we think about emotions doesn’t match up to what neuroscientists are seeing in our brains and behaviour…

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Can we end animal testing?

We find out whether innovative techniques using stem cells, computer modelling and 3D-printing could reduce the number of animals used in medical research.

How emotions are made

We chat to neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett about what happens in our brains when we create emotions, how to control them, and what this means for the future of artificial intelligence.