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Brrr! Five cool gadgets to keep you warm this winter

The cold weather’s hitting its peak. Here’s what the tech world can offer us in the fight against the winter chills.

Brrrr, winter is most definitely here and it’s officially cold. But we can’t all curl up beside a cosy fire with a warm cup of hot chocolate to stay toasty, so for anyone feeling the chill, we’ve pulled together a few gadgets to turn the temperature up a notch.


Flir One Pro

Flir One Pro

This attachment turns your smartphone into a high-quality thermal imaging camera, allowing you to easily check where you might be losing heat from your house. With it, you can find out whether chunks of insulation need to be replaced, or if your home has water damage.

And once you’ve made sure your home is thermally efficient, you can use the device to cheat in a game of hide-and-seek. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

From £370,


Ember Travel Mug


Fill this travel mug with your tea or coffee, let it know your ideal temperature via the app, and it will notify you when your cuppa’s perfect for drinking. You can also set the temperature by rotating a dial on the mug, so you don’t need to use your phone when your hands are gloved up. Best of all, it keeps it at your required temperature for two hours, so you can enjoy every last drop.





This dual-zone climate-controlled ‘smart layer’ slips inside your duvet cover, and lets you and your partner set your preferred temperatures. So if you’re feeling chilly, warm air will be blown gently throughout your side of the bed. The smart layer also contains openings to allow any humidity to escape. If that wasn’t clever enough, once you’ve installed it, your bed will inflate to make itself every morning.

From $279 (£220 approx),


Blazewear Explorer Heated Jacket

Blazewear Explorer Heated Jacket

Blazewear’s thick insulation keeps you toasty on cold winter days. But when it’s seriously chilly, switch on the battery-powered heat pads located in the back and chest, and it’ll feel like you’ve stuffed your jacket with hot water bottles. Plus, you can charge your phone off the battery pack. Instagram snow pics, here we come!

From £199.99,


Embr Wave

Embr Wave

This smart bracelet was designed by MIT graduates to stimulate your thermoreceptors. It delivers waves of heat or cold to the high-density nerves in your wrist, making you feel warmer or cooler without changing your core body temperature. It claims to be able to change your perceived temperature by 5°C in either direction.

$299 (£240 approx),

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