Texas horned lizard

Phrynosoma cornutum (South USA and Mexico)


This hideous reptile squirts blood from his eyes to protect itself from any predator that wants to dine on its spiny skin - eyesore...


Velvet worm

Peripatoides novaezealandiae (New Zealand)

This worrisome worm shoots sticky goo 30cm from its body to trap its prey, before liquefying its insides with toxic saliva - beetle milkshake...


Bobbit worm

Eunice aphroditois (Indo-Pacific seas)

This 3m-long worm buries itself deep in the ocean floor, waiting for innocent prey to swim into its path, before leaping out, quick like lightning, to clutch them in its formidable jaws and drag it into the depths below - we're doomed...


Zombie fungus

Ophiocordyceps unilateralis (tropical forests)

This fungus works its way into the brains of unsuspecting ants turning them into crazed zombies, before sprouting from their heads and infecting the rest of the colony with their mind-altering spores - braaaaaains...



Myxini class (temperate seas)

This sickening slime ball can spew out thick, sticky goo that will clog up the gills of any predator that dares dine on the hagfish - clogged up...


Jewel wasp

Ampulex compressa (South Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands)


This bedazzling wasp will take on creatures much larger than itself and inject their brains with a stupefying venom, before burying it alive and laying its larvae in the grave with the zombie prey; this larvae will then feed on the creature until they are fully grown - mum's the word...