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Find out how membership of The Royal Society of Chemistry shows your passion for chemistry and connects you to a worldwide community.

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Regardless of your career stage or interest in the chemical sciences, being a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry can help you explore all your options.

Being part of the RSC community can take you on journeys to every corner of the chemical sciences, with varied and unique members who strive to advance the chemical sciences. With members across the globe, they are all a part of an international community that strives to evolve the advancement of chemical sciences.

They’re here to support anyone with a desire to advance discoveries and a passion for chemistry – you don’t need a formal qualification to join as an affiliate member, just an interest in being part of a collaborative and supportive community.

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The RSC provides support for members at every stage of their careers. Take final year undergraduate chemistry student Symiah. She’s been a member of the RSC since her first year of university, after encouragement from her tutor. Aside from the vital work Symiah has been doing to support the RSC in their inclusion and diversity initiatives, she has been using her membership to attend many events and conferences.

Symiah says: “Inclusion and diversity are such important topics to me as a Black female chemist with a learning difficulty. There are many barriers within the field of chemistry but recognising where they have been put in place and discussing how we can remove them can improve the situation for the next generation of chemical scientists. It’s truly up to you how much you take from the RSC, but I would encourage everyone to become an active member and truly benefit from being part of the society.”

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Symiah Barnett

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Whether you have a casual interest in chemistry and like the sound of affiliate membership, or just want to connect with like-minded peers, the six membership categories on offer with the RSC all reflect a particular level of experience, with focused benefits to match. Lecturer Yi Jin MRSC says, “being a member, you are associated with a reputable, world-leading chemistry society. I tell all my students to become part of the community. With the RSC, you feel like you’re being supported, and not just by one person or scheme, but the whole society.” Whatever your relationship is with chemical sciences, the RSC will have a membership option to suit you, allowing you to get the support, resources and connections you need to thrive.

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