12 gifts and gadgets for your science-loving friends and family © Z Man

12 gifts and gadgets for your science-loving friends and family

Stuck for present ideas this Christmas? We round up the gadgets and gizmos that are getting us excited this month...


For budding astronauts


This is the very duvet that Buzz Aldrin tucks himself under at night (we imagine). It’s based on a genuine NASA sample that was lent to the designer.


Astronaut duvet and pillow set, £55, sciencemuseumshop.co.uk


For dinosaur fans


Celebrate Tyrannosaurus rex’s bite (equivalent to an elephant sitting on you) by sporting this stylish black T-shirt.

T. rex T-shirt, £12, nhmshop.co.uk


For foodies


Be a mad scientist in the kitchen with the Test Tube Spice Rack. Five glass tubes with silicone stoppers will keep your herbs and spices fresh.

Test Tube Spice Rack, £20, sciencemuseumshop.co.uk


For survivalists

Eton Blackout Buddy H20, $9.99, etoncorp.com

Unlike gremlins, this torch is supposed to get wet: the batteries are activated when it comes into contact with water. As long as it’s topped up with a splash of H20 once a day, the light lasts for up to 72 hours.

Eton Blackout Buddy H20, $9.99, etoncorp.com


For gamers


A board game for 2-4 players, in which you help other scientists prevent deadly diseases wiping out humanity. Christmas cheer for all.

Pandemic, £29.99


For refined ramblers


As the wood burns in this stove, it charges a battery, which then powers a light for cooking in the dark and a fan for stoking the fire. You can even plug in your smartphone and charge that up, too.

BioLite BaseCamp stove, $299.95, biolitestove.com


For the green-fingered


This fully automated terrarium creates a tiny rainforest in your home. Its lights mimic a 24-hour sunlight cycle, a mister keeps things moist, and a filter recycles the air.

biOrbAIR, £399, biorb.co.uk


For cocktail lovers


This precision flask makes cocktail-mixing foolproof. It’s supplied with a ‘chemist’s note book’ of recipes to get the inspiration flowing.

The Shaken Chemist Cocktail Kit, £19.99, firebox.com


For robot lovers


At top speed, this can-sized two-wheeler hurtles along at 22.5km/h (14mph). It’s controlled via a smartphone app that lets you pull off all manner of flips and spins. If it’s anything like its predecessor, the Sphero, it’ll also get app updates in the future that will add new features and games.

Ollie, $99.99, gosphero.com


For tea drinkers


Medical students can bone up on their anatomy while sipping from this annotated mug (made of bone china, natch).

Human body mug, £18, nhmshop.co.uk


For the person who has everything


Daily commute getting you down? Why not strap a giant fan to your back and soar above the plebs walking to work? Okay, so this might not be a suitable substitute for the 8:15 train, but the Paramotor is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of flying solo.

Bear Grylls Paramotor, from £8,676.50, bgparamotor.com


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