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Are biscuits addictive? © Getty Images

Are biscuits addictive?

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We are hardwired to seek out sweet and fatty foods, but that doesn't mean we can get addicted.

Asked by: Sophie Jeffries, Bromley


Not really. While a 2013 study from Connecticut College showed that eating biscuits activates the same pleasure centres in the brain as cocaine and morphine (at least in rats), this is just a roundabout way of saying that eating biscuits is nice.

If biscuits were truly addictive, then you would need to eat more and more biscuits each time to achieve the same satisfaction. And stopping altogether would cause physical withdrawal effects.

We are hardwired to seek out sweet and fatty foods, and it’s easy to overdo this when we are stressed or bored or depressed. But that’s a long way from the genuinely habit-forming properties of addictive drugs.

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