UK pub-goers will have to drink 124 pints of beer each to make up for losses due to coronavirus lockdowns, according to a report by finance experts Company Debt. As it happens, that's almost exactly the amount of beer that people in the UK drank per capita in 2019.


At least, that’s what the Kirin Beer University Report found. Japanese beer company Kirin has tracked global consumption since 1975, drawing its data from brewers’ associations and industry statistics around the world.

You'd think, surely, that that would make us the biggest beer drinkers in the world. But in fact, we're only at number 23. Read on for the top 10.


10. Latvia

81.4 litres per capita

9. Croatia

85.5 litres per capita

8. Spain

88.8 litres per capita

7. Ireland

92.9 litres per capita

6. Namibia

95.5 litres per capita

5. Poland

97.7 litres per capita

4. Germany

99.0 litres per capita

3. Romania

100.3 litres per capita

2. Austria

107.8 litres per capita

1. Czech Republic

188.6 litres per capita

Source: Kirin Beer University Report

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