Are rainforests being replanted?

Global logging has become unsustainable, as deforestation is fuelled by improvements in technology and increased access to forests.

29th June 2017
Are rainforests being replanted? (Getty)

Asked by: Bill Robinson, Slough 

A number of projects across the world aim to regenerate areas of rainforest. Brazil, for example, has committed to restoring 12 million hectares of forest by 2030. But even after several decades, replanted ‘secondary’ forest tends to have lower rates of biodiversity (particularly fewer large animals) than virgin rainforest, which houses a blend of species developed over hundreds of thousands years.

Many replantation efforts focus on linking isolated patches of original forest with ‘corridors’ of restored forest. Deforestation is still a major problem in many parts of the world, so preserving existing rainforest is key to conservation efforts. 

Image caption: Access to the Amazon was improved during the 1970s, indirectly leading to greater deforestation.


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