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If you have a query about a subscription or back issue (concerning a new order, an existing order or a change of address or other details), please contact our customer services team:

Tel: 0844 844 0260
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-1pm


Focus iPad app

You’ll find information and help on the Focus app in iTunes. For technical queries and billing issues, email:


Editorial enquiries

If you have a comment or query regarding an article that has previously been published in Focus, contact:

Tel: 0117 314 7388


Letters for publication

Email your comments to
Alternatively, post them to Focus magazine ‘Reply’, Immediate Media, 9th floor, Tower House, Fairfax Street, BRISTOL, BS1 3BN
We reserve the right to edit correspondence for publication.



If you are interested in advertising in Focus magazine, in our iPad app or on, contact:

Tel: 0117 314 8365


Work experience applications

*** Work experience placements are now fully booked for 2014. We are now taking applications for 2015 - please state your preferred dates in your email, with a second choice of dates if possible ***

Focus offers unpaid work experience placements in our Bristol office to university students for a period of 2 weeks (maximum 10 working days). Applicants should be familiar with Focus magazine and its associated digital products. We will consider applications from the following groups of students:

1. Students taking a science degree or PhD who can demonstrate a passion for science journalism through examples of work published in print or online, for example articles for a student newspaper or science stories on your own blog.

2. Postgraduate science communication students, or students taking a postgraduate journalism course who can demonstrate a passion for science writing.

Please send us a CV and examples/links to published work, ensuring that you include the following information:

  • Name
  • Postal address and email address
  • Telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • Title of course
  • Brief statement explaining why you'd like to do work experience on Focus magazine
  • The preferred dates of your placement

Please email your enquiry to


Article submissions

*** Please note - Focus magazine's features meetings are held once a month and we are unable to respond to writers before this meeting. We only accept pitches for features (articles between 2 and 8 pages long) and not news stories or other sections of the magazine. ***

If you’re a science writer and you have a feature idea for Focus magazine, we’d like to hear from you. Please complete the feature pitch form, which you can download from here. To save time, we strongly recommend that you read at least one recent issue of Focus before completing the form.

Do not send completed articles - all our published features are written to a specific brief. If we like your idea, we will get in touch to commission you. Due to pressures of time, we can only consider pitches from established journalists and science writers who can demonstrate prior experience of writing for publication.

Please send the completed form to



Subject areas include nature (unusual animals or unusual behaviour), technology (new technology, new techniques, impressive equipment), natural world (stunning natural occurrences, unusual landscapes etc), space imagery (new missions, anniversary images, new space telescope images).

We publish photos that are:

  • Relevant to the field of science and technology.
  • Visually arresting to the reader; grabbing their attention, while at the same time leading them to question what the subject matter is, especially if it’s not immediately clear.
  • Have some kind of news hook OR link into an anniversary. Otherwise, to be non-time sensitive but relatively recent. To fit this criteria, the news/anniversary angle needs to be current/upcoming, and not out of date (e.g. a news image that was issued 3 months before the on sale date of the issue it might appear.)

Please send photography submissions to



Please send all illustration submissions to our art editor, Joe Eden, ensuring that the file sizes do not exceed 5MB:


PR submissions - technology

Focus features new, innovative technology. From 3D printers to virtual reality to mind-controlled headsets, we want to hear about the gadgets that are going to change the way we live. Even if your product is at the prototype stage – if it’s exciting enough, we want to see it. We also run monthly, topical group tests of consumer tech. The products we'll include will be new to market or be related to the time of year. Finally, our Games page covers the month's biggest blockbuster titles alongside the industry's most inventive indie hits. We run two to three months in advance, so the earlier you let us know about your product, the more likely it is we’ll be able to include it in Focus. Contact:


PR submissions - events, TV and DVD/Blu-ray

If you’ve got an event, TV show or DVD that talks to people interested in science and technology, we want to know about it! The sooner you can provide us with information the better, but for last-minute events and releases, we’re happy to tweet our readers if it’s relevant. If any of the above applies, please email:


PR submissions - books

Focus reviews five popular science titles each month and interviews authors for our magazine and podcast. If you have a suitable title for review, please contact:


PR submissions - competitions

Focus runs competitions large and small. We’re interested in hearing from you on any product relating to science and technology: gadgets, books and DVD/Blu-ray are our most common prizes. We run several competitions per issue with small-value prizes (eg DVDs). For large value items we are able to consider full-page competitions, given sufficient advance notice (typically 3-4 months). Contact:



If you have a legal complaint or are concerned about a contribution to our website, please read our complaints escalation page.

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