On this day in science history: 11 May

From the days of ancient technology to modern science - find out what happened on this day in the history of science.

11th May 2017
© Joe Munroe/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Richard Feynman © Joe Munroe/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

1918 - Richard Feynman born

Born in Queens, New York, Richard Feynman is widely considered one of the most important theoretical physicists of the 20th century, who contributed massively to the theory of quantum electrodynamics and developed the idea of nanotechnology.

Watch: Horizon - Professor Richard Feynman of Caltech talks about his life and career

1997 - Deep Blue defeats chess Grandmaster

© Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images
© Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

The world of chess and artificial intelligence changes dramatically when IBM’s “Deep Blue” defeats Garry Kasparov and became the first computer to beat a chess world champion in a classic match format.

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