Is the Internet of Things real?

The Internet of Things, also known as ubiquitous computing, will link our smart devices together to create a global network.

30th January 2017
Is the Internet of Things real? (iStock)

Asked by: Pete Hanbury, Manchester

The internet is made from a vast global collection of computer networks that all interconnect. In contrast, the Internet of Things (also known as ‘ubiquitous computing’) is a set of smart devices that connect to the internet, making them accessible remotely. Today we have connected heating thermostats, security cameras, motion sensors, lights, doorbells and even toasters. By 2020 it’s estimated there will be more than 20 billion connected devices. While this may give us amazing access to information and computing from smart objects all around us, some people warn that our privacy may be reduced because every device could be monitoring us. 


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