Why do introverts find socialising tiring?

Leave me alone! Social situations can be more exhausting for introverts than extroverts. 

12th January 2017
Why do introverts find socialising tiring? (Getty)

Asked by: Kate Ward, Canterbury

Apart from the simple fact that introverts prefer to have plenty of time to themselves, and that being denied this can be draining, there’s also evidence that, at a physiological level, introverts respond more strongly to stimulation, such as loud noises, than extroverts do. This means socialising is more likely to leave them exhausted and needing a rest afterwards.

On the Introvert, Dear blog, contributor Shawna Courter even argues that there’s such a thing as an “introvert hangover”, which she describes as “an actual physical reaction to [social] overstimulation. Your ears might ring, your eyes start to blur, and you feel like you’re going to hyperventilate”.


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