Top 10: what are the highest flying birds?

Giving Tim Peake a run for his money, these birds soar at the highest altitudes.

15th December 2016
Top 10 highest flying birds (Getty)

10. White stork

White stork

Altitude: 4,800m

Distribution: Europe, North Africa and western Asia

9. Bar-tailed godwit

Bar-tailed godwit

Altitude: 6,000m

Distribution: Northern Europe, northern Asia and Alaska

8. Mallard


Altitude: 6,400m

Distribution: Europe, Asia and North America

7. Bar-headed goose

Bar-headed goose

Altitude: 6,437m

Distribution: Central and South Asia

6. Andean condor

Andean condor

Altitude: 6,500m

Distribution: Andes, South America

5. Lammergeier


Altitude: 7,300m

Distribution: Mountains in Europe, Asia and Africa

4. Alpine chough

Altitude: 8,000m

Distribution: Mountains from Spain to China

3. Whooper swan

Whooper swan

Altitude: 8,200m

Distribution: Europe and Asia

2. Common crane

Common crane

Altitude: 10,000m

Distribution: Northern Europe and Asia

1. Rüppell’s griffon vulture

Rüppell’s griffon vulture

Altitude: 1,300m

Distribution: Sahel region, Africa

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