Climate change

What is global warming? What causes climate change? Since humans started using the Earth's resources in more incredible and wonderful ways we've seen a rise in global temperatures and changes to weather patterns that could have drastic consequences for future generations - but how much of this is due to the lives we lead today is still heavily debated. With rising sea levels and greenhouse gases increasing, one thing is for certain - the environmental impact of climate change can be felt today. 

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Climate Change: problem solved

It’s not too late to save the planet: Alistair Welch and 
Max Mueller investigate the technologies that could 
make the biggest difference to global warming and provide climate change solutions.

Will climate change give us tiny horses?

We're all aware of some of the more publicised impacts of global warming: rising sea levels, extreme weather events, retreating glaciers. But amongst the despair there may be one small ray of hope: tiny horses.